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1.Dipped aramid tire cord  fabrics


    The dipped aramid tire cord fabrics have the following characteristics as high strength,high module,heat proof ,small deformation,nearly zero hot air shrinkage,low wrinkling torsion,perfect property of anti-fatigue and chemical-proof, etc.
    The dipped aramid tire cord fabrics are made from a kind of high property fibres aramid polyester material which have the characteristics of low density,low elongation and torsion,high strength and high module,high temperature proof and anti-corrosion,etc.When it is used in making tyres,it significantly reduces the tyre weight,the rolling resistance and the fuel consumption.In addition,it makes the recycling of  used  meridian tyre possible, which results in wide range of social and economic benefits.



2.Dipped aramid Compound Tire Cord Fabric


     This fabric is made with two different materials of polyester (or nylon 66)and aramid.By so doing,the properties of the two materials can mutually compensate,which results  in special excellent properties that can not be achieved with either of the two materials only.Such fabric has high strength,good adhension and perfect fatigue resistance,it is   one of the excellent reinforcement in manufacturing high property tyres  for  aviation

industry and other industries.



3.Dipped aramid Tear-proof Net



  The aramid tear-proof net is strong in strength ,light it weight and thin in thickness ,it is an ideal tear-proof reinforcement in producing heat resistant steel cord belts .


 4.Dipped Straight Warp and Straight Weft aramid Belting Fabrics


 This kind of fabric is woven with the new design in which two warp systems of the primary warps( thick and straight )and secondary warps (thin) together with thick and straight wefts are used, which results in the weaving effectiveness of straight warps and straight wefts,It has such advantages as high strength and small dimension variation.It is mainly used inmanufacturing conveying belts and driving belts on oil extracting machines.

    5.Dipped Bullet-proof and Protective aramid Reinforcement Fabrics


      The newly developed aramidbulle tproof fabric, dipped aramid belting-fabric are being widely used for making bulletproof vests, antiburstblankets, antistabbing clothes and anti-cutting gloves etc.



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