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 Reinforcement for Soft Oil Tanks


    The dipped soft oil tank reinforcement developed by our company  has many  properties, such as light weight ,high strength ,tear-proof and good adhension etc. It is a new ideal reinforcement of China made liquid tanks.Its excellent properties are most suitable in making military soft oil tanks and liquid tanks or containers for both military and civil purposes.


2.Energy-saving Belt Fabrics


  The designing and dipping technologies used in producing this kind of fabrics are different from those technonolgies used in producing traditional belting fabrics. These technologies enable the belting fabrics to have more stable weaving structure, In the downstream processes ,the belts using this kind of fabrics  can run more stably without staggering to the sides ,It is an ideal auxiliary reinforcements for energy-saving conveying belts.


3.Anti-impact heavy-duty EP Canvas


     The designing and production technology used in producing this kind of fabrics is quite different from the technologies of other belting fabrics widely used in traditional rubber industry .This kind of belting fabrics has such advantages as small wear and tear by itself , high strength and tear–resistance,etc. It is an ideal reinforcement of belts used for conveying various kinds of ores where the risks of impact to belts are most likely to happen .



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